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  • Benefits of taking Mushroom Tinctures
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  • Lion's Mane Mushroom Focus Tinctures 
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  • Turkey Tail Mushroom Immunity Tinctures
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What are Mushroom Tinctures and what are their benefits?

Jan 24, 2023 Juan du Preez

Mushroom extracts, known for their powerful medicinal benefits and natural health-enhancing properties, have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Mushroom tinctures are created by extracting the antioxidant polysaccharides from various medicinal mushrooms, then combining them into an easy-to-consume liquid. This makes it easier for our bodies to absorb the important nutrients found in mushrooms, as well as helps us to get more from this powerful superfood naturally.

Mushroom extract products can be taken daily to support everyday wellness and immunity, or they can be used as a part of a holistic health plan at any time. Whether you're looking to increase your energy levels, enhance digestion or just generally improve your well-being - Mushroom Tinctures are a great choice.

How Mushroom Tinctures are made

Mushroom extracts are a powerful form of herbal wellness products. They are made from soaking mushrooms along with either alcohol or vinegar and herbs in combination. The resulting extract is typically more concentrated and potent than the raw mushroom itself, which amplifies its beneficial properties. Mushroom extract tinctures are extremely easy to use and can be added to drinks, food, or even directly taken under the tongue for absorption by the body.

Mushroom tinctures can last up to two years if kept in dark storage away from sunlight and moisture, making them a great way to preserve mushrooms for long periods of time. Overall, tinctures offer an effective and easy-to-use way to incorporate mushrooms into our lives while being able to reap their many potential health benefits.

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Benefits of taking Mushroom Tinctures

Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures offer a variety of therapeutic benefits, with no serious side effects. Mushroom extracts have been known to help improve the function of the immune system and reduce stress. They are also thought to reduce anxiety, promote cellular detoxification, support digestion, and boost energy levels. 

How to use Mushroom Tinctures

Taking mushroom tinctures is quite simple and easy to do. Start by shaking the bottle of tincture before using it, as the active ingredients may have settled at the bottom. Then, simply place a small amount or a few drops of mushroom extract liquid beneath your tongue and hold for 30-90 seconds. This allows for quick absorption, as the blood vessels are near the surface which allows for accelerated absorption into your system. Alternatively, add a full dropper to your favorite beverage, mix well and enjoy the beneficial compounds of mushroom extracts.

It is important to take note of any instructions on the label or given by your healthcare professional when taking a mushroom supplements and to start with small doses to determine how your body responds, as some people can be sensitive to supplementing with mushrooms. Taking mushroom products can have a myriad of health benefits, so consulting with your doctor or naturopath can help you determine whether this is right for you.

Why Choose Brainfood™?

Brainfood Mushroom Tinctures are the perfect choice for anyone looking to benefit from the healing properties of mushrooms. Our Mushroom Extract Tinctures are made with carefully sourced, organic mushrooms and then extracted into a tincture form for maximum absorption and efficacy. The advantage of using a tincture form is that it can be easily administered in drops instead of capsules or pills, making it more convenient and easier to take.

Each Mushroom Tincture contains concentrated doses of medicinal mushrooms that have been studied extensively for their various benefits, such as promoting brain health, boosting immunity, and improving overall well-being. With Brainfood Mushroom Extracts, you know your body is getting what it needs!

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We go above and beyond to ensure you get the highest quality Mushroom Extract Tinctures available. Our Mushroom Extracts are all certified organic, Non-GMO, and made in a registered facility. We stand behind our Mushroom Extract Tinctures with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promise that they are free of any synthetic ingredients or fillers.

When it comes to Mushroom Extract Tinctures, Brainfood is your trusted source for quality supplements that can help improve overall health and well-being. With our Mushroom Products, you know your body is getting what it needs!

Our different types of Mushroom Tinctures

Our Mushroom Tincture range includes Sleep Tincture, Focus Tincture, Stress Tincture, Recharge Tincture, and Immunity Tincture.

Red Reishi Mushroom Tinctures Sleep

Red Reishi Mushroom Sleep Tinctures

Sleep Reishi Tincture is designed to help promote restful sleep while at the same time supporting your body’s natural ability to relax. It combines Chaga Mushroom and Reishi Mushroom extracts, both of which have been used traditionally as sleep aids.

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Lion's Mane Mushroom Tinctures Focus

Lion's Mane Mushroom Focus Tinctures

Focus Lion's Mane Mushroom Tincture is designed to help improve mental clarity, focus, and memory. It combines Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Cordyceps Mushroom extracts, both of which are known for their ability to improve cognitive performance.

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Shiitake Mushroom Tinctures Stress

Shiitake Mushroom Stress Tinctures

Stress Shiitake Mushroom Tincture is designed to help combat stress and its associated symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, and low mood. It combines Shiitake Mushroom and Lion's Mane Mushroom extracts, both of which are known for their calming effects on the body.

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Cordyceps Mushroom Tinctures Recharge

Cordyceps Mushroom Recharge Tinctures

Recharge Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture is designed to help support energy levels while at the same time helping reduce fatigue caused by stress. It combines Shiitake Mushroom and Chaga Mushroom extracts, both of which are known for their ability to help boost energy levels.

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Turkey Tail Mushroom Tinctures Immunity

Turkey Tail Mushroom Tincture (Immunity)

Immunity Mushroom Tincture is designed to help support the immune response while at the same time helping protect against environmental toxins. It combines Reishi Mushroom and Turkey Tail Mushroom extracts, both of which are renowned for their powerful antioxidant properties and ability to support a healthy immune response.

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Our range of Tinctures offers an easy and convenient way to supplement your diet with beneficial compounds found in medicinal mushrooms without having to cook or prepare foods with the mushrooms themselves. Try one today and see how Mushrooms can benefit your health!

What is Mushroom Extraction?

When it comes to extracting the beneficial compounds found in medicinal mushrooms, various extraction methods can be used. One of the most common extraction methods is a concentrated liquid extract, which uses hot water extraction to draw out the active components from the mushroom’s fruiting body. This form of extraction typically produces a highly potent extract that contains everything from bioactive compounds such as beta glucans and triterpenes to water-soluble polysaccharides.

Another extraction method that is becoming increasingly popular is dual extraction, which combines both alcohol extraction and hot water extraction. This method has been shown to be significantly more effective than just a single extraction process since it allows for better solubility of certain compounds in both polar (water) and non-polar (alcohol) solvents. This results in an extraction that is even more concentrated and potent than traditional hot water extraction methods alone.

It’s important to note that not all extraction methods are created equal, and some may contain impurities such as heavy metals or toxins. It’s essential to choose a trusted source for your medicinal mushroom extractions if you want to ensure the highest quality product with minimal risk of contamination. Additionally, be sure to look for extraction processes that utilize only the fruiting body of the mushroom, since this is where most of the beneficial compounds are found. 

In conclusion, there are several extraction methods available when it comes to extracting beneficial compounds from medicinal mushrooms. Whether you choose a concentrated liquid extract or a dual extraction process, make sure to select a trusted source for your extraction. Taking the time to research extraction methods can help ensure that you get the best quality product possible.

Brainfood™ uses Triple Extraction

This triple extraction process involves three stages, each designed to extract a specific class of compounds from the fruiting bodies or mycelium of mushrooms. The first stage is a fragmentation step, which breaks down the cell wall of the mushroom and boosts the bioavailability of polysaccharides, triterpenoids, and alkaloids. 

The second stage is hot-water extraction for polysaccharides, which are complex carbohydrates found in many edible mushrooms that have been linked to benefits such as immune system support and anti-inflammatory activity. 

Finally, an alcohol extraction is used for 90 days to access the potent triterpenoids contained within mushrooms, which can help fight oxidative stress and improve energy levels. 

The triple mushroom extraction process is a powerful way to access the full range of active compounds contained in fungi, and can be an effective supplement for overall health and wellness. With triple extraction, these compounds are available in their highest concentration so you can maximise the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Taking it a step further than dual extraction, which is the standard method for most mushroom brands.

Conclusion on Mushroom Tinctures

Medicinal Mushrooms have shown to be an incredible source of benefits to our health, so why not start adding this supplement to your daily routine? Taking a tincture is quick and easy, while at the same time providing you with all the benefits that can come from mushrooms. From boosting your immune system to fighting off anxiety, Mushroom Extract Products offer many advantages – making them worth exploring!

With all of this in mind, let us know if you have any questions on which Mushroom Tinctures to choose or how to use them effectively. We are here for you and look forward to hearing about your experience with Mushroom. So what are you waiting for? Give Brainfood Tinctures a try today and see for yourself just how magical this supplement can be!

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