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Mushroom Extract Wholesale & White Label Program

Welcome to the Brainfood™ Wholesale Program! We are a manufacturer of high-quality mushroom extract supplements and functional foods, and we're excited to offer our products to wholesalers and white label clients. Our products stand out from the competition thanks to our triple extraction process, ensuring maximum potency and effectiveness.


Unique Selling Points:

At Brainfood™, we believe in the power of mushrooms for overall health and wellness. That's why we use a triple extraction process for our mushroom extracts, setting us apart from the dual extraction methods used by our competitors. Our supplements are available in both tinctures and gummies, providing customers with convenient and tasty options for incorporating medicinal mushrooms into their daily routines. Our product line features organic mushrooms, including Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Red Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake, and more.



Benefits of Working with Brainfood™:

By partnering with Brainfood™, you'll have access to our high-quality, unique mushroom extract supplements and functional foods at competitive prices. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer support and ensuring the success of our wholesale partners. We also offer full private label services, allowing you to offer your customers a premium product under your own brand.


Product Information:

Our mushroom extract supplements are available in tinctures and gummies, both of which are made with our triple extracted mushroom blend. Tinctures come in a 30ml bottle, while gummies are available in a convenient 60-count bottle. Our product line is enhanced with betulinic acid and other beneficial compounds found in mushrooms. Packaging and labeling options can be customised for white label clients.


Pricing and Availability:

Please contact us for current pricing information and to place an order. Our team is available to answer any questions and help with the ordering process.


Brainfood™ Mushroom Extract Wholesale FAQs

How much does Brainfood™ Mushroom Extract cost wholesale?

Please contact us for current pricing information. Our wholesale prices are competitive, and we are happy to provide a quote based on your specific needs.


How do I start selling Brainfood™ Mushroom Extract products?

To start selling Brainfood™ Mushroom Extract products, simply contact us to place an order. Our team will assist you with the ordering process and answer any questions you may have.

Can I buy bulk Mushroom Extract from Brainfood™?

Yes, bulk orders are available. Please contact us for more information and to place an order.

Do you need FDA approval to sell your Mushroom Extract products?

No, but all dietary supplements sold in the US are required to be FDA-compliant. Brainfood™ takes pride in adhering to all FDA regulations and guidelines for dietary supplement manufacturing and labeling.

Can I sell Mushroom Extract supplements from my house?

You may sell Mushroom Extract supplements from your home as long as you comply with all relevant regulations, including FDA guidelines for dietary supplements.

Do I need insurance to sell Mushroom Extract Supplements?

It is advisable to have liability insurance in case of any issues or legal claims related to the products you sell. Consult with an insurance agent to determine the appropriate coverage for your business.

What is white labeling a product?

White labeling is the practice of branding a product with a different name and logo than the manufacturer's brand. This allows companies to sell products under their own brand without having to go through the process of developing and producing the product themselves.

What is the difference between white label and private label?

White label and private label products are similar, with the main difference being that private label products are often developed and manufactured specifically for a single company, while white label products are developed and manufactured by one company and sold under the brand of another company.

Is white labeling expensive?

The cost of white labeling a product can vary depending on the manufacturer, product, and volume. In general, white labeling is less expensive than developing and producing a product from scratch, but it is still a significant investment for many businesses.

What are the benefits of white labeling?

White labeling allows companies to sell products under their own brand, helping to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. It also provides access to high-quality products without the need for extensive product development and production.

Can I buy your product and sell it under my own brand in the USA?

Yes, Brainfood™ offers white label services to our wholesale partners, allowing them to sell our products under their own brand in the USA. Please contact us for more information and to place an order.