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BUNDLE Mushroom Focus Supplements

BUNDLE Mushroom Focus Supplements

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Mushroom Tincture - Focus



Provides Focus in times of need


Lion’s mane

- Brain support
- Aids cognition
- Fortifies immune function
- Rich in antioxidants
- Promotes healthy mood
- Contributes to overall health and wellness

Gingko biloba

- Supports cardiovascular health
- Rich in antioxidants
- Supports healthy mood

Rosemary leaf

- Aids memory & cognition
- Benefits overall health & wellness
- Rich in antioxidants
- Rich with vitamins & minerals
- Joint support


1 fl oz / 30 mL Dropper Bottle


Lion’s Mane, Gingko Biloba, Rosemary Leaf, Cordyceps

Other Ingredients (extraction aids): Organic Vegatable Glycerine, Filtered Water

Mental clarity when needed

Mental clarity and focus are essential for success in our daily lives, but sometimes it can be challenging to maintain. Brainfood Focus mushroom tinctures can provide a natural and effective solution for enhancing cognitive function and promoting mental clarity. By incorporating Brainfood Focus mushroom tinctures into your daily routine, you can give your brain the support it needs to stay sharp and focused when it matters most.

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How to take Focus Tinctures

To use Focus Mushroom Tinctures, start by determining the appropriate dosage for your needs. Focus tincture doses can range from 1-5 drops a day. Just a few drops of this tincture under your tongue can help you feel more calm and focused. We recommend taking it before work or school to help you power through your day. And because it's all-natural, you can feel good about using it regularly.

We make the world's most innovative mushroom extract products. They're 100% vegan, GMO-free and made in the USA.

  • Natural ingredients that work

    We use only natural ingredients in all our formulations

  • All Our Products are GMO-FREE

    Be rest assured that our products are safe to consume

  • 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate

    Our customers love us! Try our products and you’ll see why

  • Proudly Made in the USA

    All our ingredients are sourced and formulated in the USA

See what is inside the Brainfood Focus Mushroom Extract Tincture

It's what is in the inside that matters most

Lions Mane

Lion's Mane mushrooms (Hericium erinaceus) are a type of medicinal mushroom native to North America, Europe, and Asia. Lion's Mane mushrooms are unique in their appearance - they look like small white balls with long spines radiating out from the center. They have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic and nutritive food.

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Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and is now gaining recognition in the Western world. The leaves of Ginkgo contain substances that are believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginkgo has been studied for its potential to improve cognitive function, protect against certain diseases, reduce inflammation, and more.

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Rosemary Leaf

Rosemary leaves, also known as Rosmarinus officinalis, are widely used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean region and has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Rosemary contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential oils that give it its renowned health benefits.

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Cordyceps mushrooms are a unique and highly sought-after type of fungus. Cordyceps offer numerous health benefits and have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Cordyceps have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the multitude of ways they can be incorporated into one’s diet or lifestyle.

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